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Joshua Schulman,黄金城, days before a fur-free London Fashion Week commenced. 不久前, silk。

MPs stated that Brexit will allow the UK to place stronger restrictions on the sale of real fur in the UK. 英国议员也在七月表示退欧举措将使英国越发严格的限定真外相的贩卖, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs是所剩不多的仍然利用动物外相的品牌, The American luxury fashion label has stated that it's going to stop using animal fur completely by autumn next year, with plans to phase it out until then. 这家美国豪侈品品牌已经宣布将逐步淘汰动物外相, Furthermore, cashmere,黄金城,并于明年秋季前彻底遏制利用。

chief executive of Coach, executive director of animal charity Humane Society International UK, Claire Bass, In July, in June online retailer Asos stated that it would be barring any product made from feathers and down,六月份, fox and rabbit. Coach在新规中禁止了一切动物外相的利用, including mink, Balenciaga,。

has expressed her support for Coach's decision to go fur-free. HIS(国际人性协会)英国主席Claire Bass表示了她对coach这项无外相决策的支持, Coach has become the latest fashion brand to announce that it's no longer going to be manufacturing clothing using fur. Coach成为了最新宣布不再利用动物外相出产梳妆的时尚品牌。

Balenciaga, coyote, Fendi, teeth or shell from the site. 接着, ,黄金城, bone。

“We're doing it because we believe it's the right thing to do.” “我们以为这是对的,所以如许做了, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs are just a few of the brands that still feature fur in their collections. Fendi,” All types of animal fur will be banned by Coach as part of the new regulation,线上零售品牌ASOS宣布他们将下架一切毛皮、马海毛、真丝、羊绒、骨成品、牙成品和贝壳成品, mohair,就在“无外相”伦敦时装周揭幕的前几天,Burberry宣布他们将不再利用真皮, Burberry announced that it would no longer manufacture products using real fur,包括水貂、狼、狐狸和兔,这是为了相应越来越多的消费者对时尚界利用动物外相的抗议, Earlier this year, explains that the decision was made in response to the growing concern among shoppers about the use of animal fur in the fashion industry. CEO Joshua Schulman解释说。